Music can be used as a tool of God to touch someone’s heart just as much as an inspiring sermon or a welcoming smile.  Here at LBC we are blessed with a number of people blessed with musical ability and many more that are willing to learn.  Music plays a central role within our sermons.

Youth Ministries

The youth are the future of our churches and our nation.  It is extremely important to teach them the word of God and help them to begin their spiritual lives with Jesus.  From salvation through beginning their adult Christian lives, LBC has activities and groups to help teach and lead our youth in the right direction.  We have numerous classes, teen nights and attend youth conferences every year.

Mens Ministries

It is important for men to keep a spiritual, right-minded nature as the leaders of the church and the household.  Here at LBC we have monthly meetings for men to come together, enjoy some good food and company and spend some time studying a particular topic of the bible.

Ladies Ministries

LBC has a very active group of women that host many events throughout the year.  This includes our yearly Ladies Conference, banquets and outings.  Ladies are a very important part of the spiritual support of our church and we encourage you to attend a get-together to gain some spiritual strength from others.

Visitations / Witnessing

In Mark 16:15 the Bible states “…Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”  It is our responsibility as Christians to share the Gospel with the world and LBC places a heavy focus on this aspect of the Christian life.