Pastor Jerry Wilson

Pastor Wilson came to know the Lord in January of 1973. While attending a Bible church in Penfield, New York, he responded to the Gospel and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. After that Sunday morning he continued faithful to church where he learned the Bible and serviced the Lord in various different capacities. As a young believer in Christ, he taught juniour boy’s Sunday school class, worked on a bus route, went soulwinning every week, and helped around the church any way possible.

About a year subsequent to receiving Jesus Christ, God called Pastor Wilson to preach the gospel full time. After seeking God’s will concerning Bible College, God led him to Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, Indiana where he received his degree in pastoral theology.

After college graduation, Pastor Wilson accepted a position as assistant pastor in Altoona, PA where he served the Lord for two and one half years before starting a church in Torch, Ohio. There, in Torch, the Lord built a wonderful church from the ground up to a high attendance of 500 people.

Presently, Pastor Wilson is pastoring in Newark, NY. He started the church six years ago in a rented building where the church met for one year. Then God provided a wonderful 24,000 square foot facility in Newark valued at just over three million dollars. The church has a growing congregation. People in the area are coming to know Jesus Christ on a daily basis. Others are growing in the Lord and bringing others so Christ. He and his congregation look forward to serving the Lord every week and seeing more people give their hearts to the Lord.